The Boiling Pot of America

What intolerance can teach us about what needs healing

Image by Arm Sattavorn
  • Racism: fear of being diminished and further silenced, especially impacting middle America. Many of these communities were left behind as metropolitan coastal cities boomed with technology growth. Racism doesn’t discriminate and we have ethnic groups all fighting one another in hopes that bringing another group down will uplift the other.
  • Inability to wear a face mask: anxiety of having to navigate a broken healthcare system. Public health has never been on the forefront or a mandate for many Americans who’ve had to navigate the privatized system alone for so long.
  • Cancel culture: extreme anger towards built-up injustice seeking others to also feel the same pains.



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Steven Wakabayashi

Steven Wakabayashi


Creative unicorn with an avid curiosity of life. Regular dose of mindfulness, social commentaries, and creativity: