Supporting Black lives and activism

Showing solidarity for our Black brothers, sisters, and siblings

Steven Wakabayashi
3 min readJun 8, 2020

In just a week, our world has transformed once again. This time, it was catalyzed by another senseless death of a Black man. George Floyd’s neck was pinned to the ground for almost nine minutes and he died suffocating at the hands of a police officer. Protests erupted in every state, bringing a light of justice. By Thursday, all four officers involved were finally arrested for the death of George Floyd.

Why must we rally to demand our system to be fair and just?

But in this past week, an uglier truth emerged. Peaceful protests have turned violent, not at the hands of the activists, but by the weapons of the police. Even the man who trains San Jose police officers on bias and discrimination was shot with a rubber bullet as he was trying to de-escalate a recent demonstration.

Why must we fear for our lives as we protest against violence and brutality?

And the most shocking thing of all…

Without our phones recording, capturing police engagement, there would be no accountability. Without a video, George Floyd would have just been another name in a police report.

Why is it our job to prove that police brutality exists?

With so much happening digitally and physically, it’s so easy to get lost in the mayhem. If you are interested in donating money, attending a protest, or taking action, I highly recommend inquiring about who started the effort. Many protests have unfortunately been organized without the main Black Lives Matter organization or any other Black voices. While in good intentions, to make lasting change, we must adjust the fundamental ways we have operated. We cannot support Black voices or create Black initiatives without their presence.

Here are some Black activist influencers I recommend:

Ericka Hart | Indya Moore | Kendrick Sampson | Patrisse Cullors | BLD PWR

With that said… I also published a new Yellow Glitter podcast episode this week.

I sat down with Kalaya’an Mendoza of Across Front Lines to talk about activism and solidarity. In this episode, we touch on digital vs. physical activism, the common pitfalls for those attending their first protest, addressing racism in the Asian community, and so much more. I took away so much from this conversation, especially relevant for this time.

You can listen to Yellow Glitter on: Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | Tune In | iHeartRadio | Overcast | Spotify

Next Sunday, I am also hosting a digital support group at 6:00pm ET for queer Asians. We will be chatting about race and pride.

Take care.

Be well.

Black lives matter.

Art by Kalaya’an Mendoza

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