Beautiful Minimalist Portfolio Websites of January 2018

Steven Wakabayashi
3 min readJan 12, 2018

These portfolio websites are not only beautifully built, they showcase their case studies in a simple, elegant framework.

Mitsugu Takahashi

Mitsugu Takahashi is a freelance Japanese designer in Tokyo.

Page-scroll-effects galore. Scroll down the page — you’ll be delighted you did. Just the right balance of subtle & play.

Ben Mingo

Ben Mingo is a graphic and interactive designer based in Southern California.

Simple, graceful and transitions, oh my! Scrolling is a little odd, but some of the most interesting ripple effects over images I’ve seen around.

Andre Ribeiro

Andre Ribeiro is a Brazilian born designer and art director living in Brooklyn, New York.

One of a stellar example of balancing a lot of content with simple taxonomy and well-designed whitespace. The animations are spectacular. Transitions all feel lightweight and airy.

Light Portfolio Theme
Dark Portfolio Theme
Stunning visualization and animation of various pages within a module. The page frame stays and the content carousels over.

Marc Gonçalves

Marc Gonçalves is a French digital designer.

Simple, straightforward and full-screen animations at the right time.

On roll-over of the homepage links, you’ll be greeted with a full-screen animation

Andy H. Wei

Andy Wei is an artist from NYC.

Beautiful artwork, but even more than that — the pages are a work of art. Sharp, clean lines of the in-page elements, decorated with whimsical brushstrokes and lines.

Roll over the images in his About section to “brush” away the photos.

Tao Tajima

Tao Tajima is a director and film maker in Tokyo.

A phenomenal example of a film portfolio. Gorgeous “bubble” transition from work to work and seamless transition into the video player.

Sharing inspiration as it comes.





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