Advice on Preparing for a New Future

Predictions for a new future in a post-COVID era.

As the have coronavirus continues to affect our world and uproot our day-to-day, we are left wondering many things about an unknown future:

  • What is going to happen with this novel coronavirus?

But having an answer to these very questions will not change the reality of what is happening around us. Until there is a vaccine or other way to mitigate the spread of this virus, we all need to continue to socially-isolate ourselves. We need to do our part in flattening the curve as doctors, nurses, and other essential workers continue to keep our society going, and as scientists and epidemiologists race to find the solution.

With many of us spending a considerable amount of time at home, it becomes too easy to distract ourselves with the immediate gratification of watching Netflix, playing games, and scrolling through social media. We can go down a rabbit hole with these things infinitely and indefinitely with very little to gain.

While the pleasures of digital media can quickly pass the time, there lies an even greater opportunity to spend some time adjusting now for the inevitable future to come.

Here are some of my thoughts and opportunities for the future.

With physical touch becoming a concern for many, contactless interface and interactions will become the new normal.

  • Voice and gesture commands will be more prevalent in our lives. Practice with Siri on your iPhone if you haven’t already. And if you can, invest in a smart home speaker like Google Home (my preference) and Amazon Alexa to practice voice commands. Learning the right voice commands will be extremely useful, just like learning how to use Google to find things online.

Digital will become king (or queen).

  • For businesses, our primary interaction with customers and exchanging money will be through the internet. E-Commerce will grow exponentially, and services that were once physical (ex: therapy and doctor visits) will offer digital-first alternatives.

With an increased digital footprint, digital security will become much more critical.

  • As more of our identity and assets become stored online, using password managers like Bitwarden (free for personal accounts) or digital credit cards like Privacy (free with payments funded through debit or bank account) are essential. It’s up to us to become hyper-vigilant with our digital data and content.

As more work shifts towards digital, there will be a demand for remote capabilities in both our personal and business lives.

In our personal lives, we can benefit significantly from migrating as much of our brick & mortar capabilities directly into our homes.

  • From managing our shipping and postage needs to cooking all of our favorite foods we once enjoyed outdoors, enrolling in the proper software or having the right equipment will be paramount.

With social distancing becoming our new normal, getting the right equipment for remote connection with others is key. Think about everyone you will communicate with: friends, families, colleagues, and maybe first dates?

  • Invest in improving your audio and video. Buy a pair of headphones to reduce echo for your listener and lighting to enhance your appearance. I am a huge fan of Philips Hue colored bulbs attached to clamp lights.

Remote work will be a priority for businesses.

  • Meeting and events will be digital-first. Technology for in-person collaboration and networking sessions will see huge advancements with demand. But as that develops, get conformable with the current tools and learning digital etiquette.

There will be an even bigger demand for automation and robotics.

  • Constrained budgets and a need for sanitation will drive demand for scaleable automation to reduce human dependencies.

Do you have any other predictions?

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Thanks for reading! Until next time.

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