The war in our digital backyard and mending segregation

By Kenzo Hamazaki

What we can learn from the feud between hedge funds and retail investors

Image by Radostina Georgieva
  • Hedge funds were selling shares of GameStop they had borrowed against. About 40% in excess of what was available to transact. (“short”)
  • Retail investors discovered this egregious margin and bought up the available shares to be soon recalled, forcing hedge funds to pay a premium to buy back shares as bleed out interest each day. (“squeeze”)

Lessons to live a more mindful, loving life

Image by Gaspart

What intolerance can teach us about what needs healing

Image by Arm Sattavorn

How to track our time and focus on the good

Image by Anna Hurley

Showing solidarity for our Black brothers, sisters, and siblings

Lessons from watching a Youtuber battle cancer.

2019 vs 2020

Three tips on how to cope through this pandemic

Illustration by Anastasiia

3 insights from job loss to bouncing back

Image by Nikolos N

Things I’ve learned during self-isolation during COVID-era

Steven Wakabayashi

Instruction: Mix equal parts of life hacker, designer, developer and productivity nerd. Sprinkle a dash of coffee and cupcakes. Best served fresh.

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