The war in our digital backyard and mending segregation

By Kenzo Hamazaki

Another week, another series of hate-crimes against Asian elders. Ugh. Even after media coverage, countless new attacks spring up instantly. While local and national media is still catching up to the anti-Asian hate crimes, it seems to be quickly overshadowed as soon as another calamity occurs.

On paper, we should be celebrating. The GDP of the United States is projected to increase by 4.4% this year (Conference Board) and 3.3% for the rest of the world (World Bank).

Yet, the quality of our life is not improving. The average life expectancy in the US has plateaued since 2014 and suffered…

What we can learn from the feud between hedge funds and retail investors

Image by Radostina Georgieva

It’s been a crazy past week in the stock market. If you weren’t following all of the madness, I’ll summarize in a few bullets:

  • Hedge funds were selling shares of GameStop they had borrowed against. About 40% in excess of what was available to transact. (“short”)
  • Retail investors discovered this egregious margin and bought up the available shares to be soon recalled, forcing hedge funds to pay a premium to buy back shares as bleed out interest each day. (“squeeze”)

As financial institutions started to lose billions, the dirty tactics followed. Robinhood, one of the investment platforms backed by the…

Lessons to live a more mindful, loving life

Image by Gaspart

2021 has come upon us.

During this time, I typically set my goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. As I get older, I’ve been leaning more into life principles and ways of thinking versus milestones and quantitative goals. It’s too easy to obsess about numerical values (money to make, hours to spend at the gym, things to accomplish at work) and lose sight of what we wanted to accomplish in the first place — being happy.

Our interpretation of happiness changes over time as we age and gain more experience. It might be more expensive one year or completely…

What intolerance can teach us about what needs healing

Image by Arm Sattavorn

We’ve filled our pot with lukewarm water, placed it on the stove with the temperature on high, and wait patiently for it to warm up. As the water comes to a boil, we notice tiny bubbles beginning to percolate. These pockets of air had been in the water all along — it just took a bit of heat to show up.

This is what is happening in our country right now.

White supremacy, the struggle to wear a face mask, and even cancel culture are just a few of the things that the heat of the election, this presidency, and…

How to track our time and focus on the good

Image by Anna Hurley

This past week has been a flurry of highs and lows.

Starting with the highs:

And the lows:

Showing solidarity for our Black brothers, sisters, and siblings

In just a week, our world has transformed once again. This time, it was catalyzed by another senseless death of a Black man. George Floyd’s neck was pinned to the ground for almost nine minutes and he died suffocating at the hands of a police officer. Protests erupted in every state, bringing a light of justice. By Thursday, all four officers involved were finally arrested for the death of George Floyd.

Why must we rally to demand our system to be fair and just?

But in this past week, an uglier truth emerged. Peaceful protests have turned violent, not at…

Lessons from watching a Youtuber battle cancer.

Last week, I shared a video of a South Korean woman, Eun Chan, who filmed a goodbye video to her Youtube fans before passing away from cancer. She was diagnosed in April 2019 and her battle ended on May 6 this month. Even through the pain and struggles with the disease, she mustered the energy and courage to leave her Youtube fans smiling. Even in the face of death, she was upbeat, smiling, and compassionate for others.

2019 vs 2020

If she can still smile and get through the day, knowing what’s coming, we can surely be happy, even with what we are…

Three tips on how to cope through this pandemic

Illustration by Anastasiia

To be honest, getting through this pandemic is difficult. Really, really difficult. We have observed an entire spectrum of folks who have been responding to home quarantines with ease, but also many folks with a lot of difficulties. The crisis text line has seen an uptick of 30% in text conversations last month. Not only has COVID-19 ravaged our nation, mental health will never be the same.

As part of getting through these hard times, we can use various coping strategies to help mitigate and even offset many of the mental chatter that puts our sanity at risk. …

3 insights from job loss to bouncing back

Image by Nikolos N

Times are tough, and it’s going to get much harder as economic conditions worsen in the coming months. Folks are losing jobs and reducing discretionary spending, leading to business impact and more jobs lost. Quite the not-so-positive feedback loop. Industries that rely on foot traffic have been devastated overnight, and many of my friends in the service industry and performing arts have been jobless for weeks. As of last week, 26 million Americans have become unemployed in the past five weeks.

Job security and I have had a rocky relationship. I’ve been let go from multiple jobs throughout my lifetime…

Things I’ve learned during self-isolation during COVID-era

Happy May.

For many of us, it’s been more than a month of self-quarantine. It was a sudden shift to a lifestyle we have never experienced before. For me, my quarantine started at the beginning of March after returning from Asia. (It still blows my mind how I was out galavanting through South Korea and Japan so callously… times have changed.)

In this major lifestyle change, I’ve reflected on a few things of what has and hasn’t worked…

What hasn’t worked 🚫: Being connected 24/7
It seems like I am working even more around the clock all the time. The workday…

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